About Our Vision

We are aimed towards organizing all the infosec resources available.

The Search Engine

Our primary goal is to make an outstanding infosec community where people can collaborate and help each other. Currently, we are picking up the best resources available on the internet to index for everyone. We are working on a search engine, which only indexes cybersecurity content like CVEs and exploits from different places such as GitHub, Reddit and ExpoitDB, aggregating all of them in one place.

Our other goal is to make quality CTF challenges so our members can have fun and learn with the community at the same time. We are also aiming to make some teams where people can collaborate on different projects and hone their teamwork skills.

Our Team

We are students, cybersec enthusiasts and developers who believe in opensource and free distribution of knowledge and resources about the art of hacking. We are open to public contributions and welcome people who want to be a part of our team. All our guides and resources will be available to contribute on GitHub, and our community is currently active on Discord. If you are an infosec aficionado and want to help us, feel free to contact us!


@ujjwal-kr - Founder

Lead of the Engineering and Product teams of the search engine and some opensource software released. Likes web dev, system programming and reverse engineering.

@0xGamer - CEO

CEO, Operations and Community Manager. Organizer and Challenge creator of CTFs and some infosec tools released, enjoys pentesting and web dev.


@0xGamer - CEO

CEO, operations manager and Discord Admin. Organizer and challenge creator of CTFs and some infosec tools released, enjoys pentesting and pwning boxes.

Staff Members

[email protected]